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La Tempesta Social Actions

Taking care of common goods and promoting the rights and autonomy even of subjects in fragile conditions, are part of a civic spirit that pushes personal commitment towards non conflict and non excludability of resources. This way it probably can reduction the personal action area but at the same time it can grow the  exercise of listening each others.

These practices are based on personal and general empowerment in its unexpected variety and its  capacity of reveal society's sustainable development  expectations.

    The deep meaning of the relationships and gestures we make also emerges involuntarily when what we do produces benefits that are not final for ourselves. These are actions that make us feel good at home. It is also the positive and supportive invisible bond with the world we live.This is why reciprocity can represent a step towards that interdependent bond between the La Tempesta Community and the citizens of the Gorizia area, because it positively contributes to the dialectic between social inclusion and territory control. 

    A Gorizia C'è La Tempesta It is the title of multiple event for the valorization of common goods. It rappresent the willed to create community and functionalize social relations even in our community and in the broader context of the regional territory.

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