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How to be Admitted

Often the patients who ask to be admitted in a therapeutic community they feel overwhelmed by problems that they consider enormous and whose nature and solution they do not know, so they have lost all hope.Also they need to know that those who care for them, know the difficulties they are struggling with, believe in them as human beings.

They need hope for change and have to know that who care them is a sure help to broke the drug addiction mechanism for help them to broke the vicious circle that tends towards the compulsion to repeat the use of substances and fall in off adiction trap without hopeless.

The request for treatment is general since these are people who cannot be helped on an outpatient basis because they cannot escape the conditions that avoid them from undergoing psychological and rehabilitative therapies.

Upon entering the therapeutic community, the applicant signs the Initial Contract which ranges from three to six months. When this first relationship is ended, if the patient is interested in the treatment, the therapeutic team evaluates the transition to a stable time characterized by the Final Contract, with a maximum time of 24 months. During the residential therapeutic process, the presence of family members (parents, siblings or spouses) is expected. They come on visit one Saturday afternoon per month according to a predefined calendar. This is also the opportunity to meet with the managers of the therapeutic community and discuss, if necessary, also with the patient tutors. IThe definitive contract provides for the opportunity for a group meeting, coordinated by a psychotherapist. This is also an opportunity to process the experience they are going through. Naturally, acceptance of the contract implies carrying out the therapeutic program. The contract Signing implies respect and acceptance of the regulation of community life by both patients and family members. For any transgressions, difficulties, impediments and exceptions will be discussed by the therapeutic team  in the weekly meeting.

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