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How to be Admitted

Often, individuals seeking admission into a therapeutic community find themselves overwhelmed by seemingly insurmountable problems, the nature and solutions of which remain elusive, leading them to a state of despair. It's crucial for them to feel understood by those providing care—acknowledged not just for their struggles but also valued as human beings deserving of hope and change.

These individuals require assurance that their caregivers are committed allies, equipped to dismantle the mechanisms of drug addiction. This involves breaking the relentless cycle of compulsion that drives the repeated use of substances, trapping them in a web of addiction devoid of hope.

The need for this comprehensive treatment approach is critical, as those affected are often beyond the reach of outpatient services. Their circumstances prevent them from accessing the psychological and rehabilitative therapies essential for recovery, underscoring the importance of a supportive and understanding therapeutic community.

Upon their arrival at the therapeutic community, new entrants are required to sign an Initial Contract, which lasts between three to six months. At the end of this initial period, if the patient wishes to continue with their treatment, the therapeutic team assesses their readiness to progress to a more consistent phase under the Final Contract, which can extend up to a maximum of 24 months.

Throughout the residential therapeutic journey, the involvement of family members—be it parents, siblings, or spouses—is anticipated and valued. They are invited to visit on one Saturday afternoon each month, as per a predetermined schedule. These visits also provide a valuable opportunity for families to engage with the community's management team, and if needed, to converse with the patient's tutors. Additionally, the Final Contract includes provisions for a group meeting led by a psychotherapist, offering a space for participants to reflect on and process their experiences.

Signing the contract signifies a mutual agreement to adhere to the community's guidelines and to fully engage in the therapeutic program. This commitment extends to both the patients and their families. Should any issues, transgressions, or the need for exceptions arise, these will be addressed by the therapeutic team in their weekly meetings.

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