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Official website of the Therapeutic Community "La Tempesta"


"In the "La Tempesta" therapeutic community, psycho-social care is conceptualized as a journey of reassembling and reclaiming one's challenging past, along with envisioning and embracing a future that acknowledges it. Overcoming drug addiction involves a holistic approach that combines psychotherapeutic methods and educational experiences within the community setting. This process is fundamentally about becoming and being true to oneself.

A crucial first step in this transformative journey is self-discovery: recognizing who you are in the present, reflecting on who you were in the past, and envisaging who you might become in the future. This requires a deliberate and concerted effort to shape one’s own future as an adult, underpinned by the determination to take charge of one’s destiny."

Citaz. Prof. Luigi Cancrini


"Individuals seeking admission into a therapeutic community often arrive at a point where hope seems lost, burdened by problems that appear insurmountable, with neither understanding of their nature nor solutions in sight. It's crucial for them to know that their caregivers comprehend the depth of their struggles, have faith in their humanity and potential for change, and possess the expertise to guide them out of the addictive cycle. This cycle is a relentless vortex of compulsion to use substances, ensnaring them into a state of dependency and despair.

Their plea for help signifies a profound need for an intervention that residential programs uniquely provide, especially when they find themselves powerless to break free from the substances thwarting their access to psychological and rehabilitative therapy. They require an institution that not only offers protection but also assumes comprehensive responsibility for their well-being and their challenges. This commitment to care involves a collective responsibility primarily undertaken by the institution, its team, and the therapists. The objectives during this initial phase are to:

  • Foster a therapeutic alliance with the patient, embedding them within a supportive context that guides the healing process.

  • Assist the patient through the ups and downs of their therapeutic journey, aiding in their liberation from the 'pathological cycle' in which they feel ensnared.

  • Encourage the development of robust ego strengths and the shedding of identifications with dysfunctional familial roles or detrimental social and familial environments."

This refined version aims to more clearly articulate the compassionate and comprehensive approach required in therapeutic community settings, emphasizing the importance of understanding, hope, and dedicated care in the recovery process.


Non profit association, founded in 1985. It is made up from professional psychologists, social workers, educators and operators. It is owner of Regional Institutional Accreditation (Regional D.P. n.283/17 and Regional D.P. n. 106/2018).

Statutory purposes:The treatment, care, and rehabilitation of individuals struggling with addiction to narcotic and psychotropic substances, including alcohol and drugs, necessitates a comprehensive approach that combines therapeutic intervention with psychosocial support in a residential setting. Our Community is committed to supporting both adult men and women, including those with criminal obligations, through a specific framework of therapeutic foster care. This inclusive approach ensures that all individuals, regardless of their background or challenges, receive the holistic support they need to embark on a journey toward recovery and healing.

Methodology: We provide a comprehensive range of interventions tailored to individual and group needs, encompassing both socio-educational and psychotherapeutic support. Additionally, psychiatric consultations are conducted on a fortnightly basis to ensure a holistic approach to care and wellbeing.

Treatment Times :fOur program spans from 6 months up to a maximum of 24 months, divided into two phases: the Initial Therapeutic Contract and the Final Therapeutic Contract. Exceptions for customized projects can be made, provided they are prearranged in collaboration with the therapeutic team and the referring SerD (Drug Addiction Services).

Structure: The community is housed within a farmhouse, nestled amidst cultivated lands and sports fields. It features twin-bedded rooms and shared bathrooms, along with communal areas designed to comfortably accommodate up to 15 patients..

For any management contact  call  (+39) 0481 534830 to Community Secretary Office (+39) 0481 533033 from 9.00 to 13.00 from Monday to Friday; the official community email is

- Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Presidente CT “La Tempesta” dott. Alessandro Sartori
Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Clinical manager  dott.ssa Ilaria Papandrea

- Administrative manager: rag. Alessandra Sossou


We devise strategies to guide individuals in their fight against drug addiction, bridging the gap between social inclusion and local governance through collaboration with both public and private associations. Our approach is bifurcated into two main pathways: coordinated health and social activities, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated support system.


What You Need to Know About Admission

Upon admission into the therapeutic community, applicants are required to sign an Initial Contract that spans from three to six months. At the conclusion of this initial period, should the patient wish to continue their treatment, the therapeutic team will assess their readiness to progress to a more stable phase under the Final Contract. This subsequent phase can extend up to a maximum of 24 months, offering a structured and supportive pathway toward recovery.

The Community's mode of interaction is founded on five fundamental principles:

  1. Promoting positive behaviors essential for harmonious cohabitation.

  2. Regular monitoring of the use of community spaces.

  3. Conducting clinical analyses and periodic evaluations.

  4. Managing expenses and assessing economic resources.

  5. Safekeeping of personal items such as telephones, medications, and money.

The therapeutic program is structured around three core categories of activities:

  1. Therapeutic Activities

  2. Pedagogical and Educational Activities

  3. Healthcare Integrations

Admission into the community necessitates the completion of health screenings, the results of which must be presented on the first day of entry.

The definitive contract extends up to a maximum duration of 24 (twenty-four) months. However, it includes provisions for withdrawal by either party in accordance with the internal regulations.



37140 - GORIZIA - Via III Armata 79

+39 0481 533033 - 534830

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