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Official website of the Therapeutic Community "La Tempesta"


“The psycho-social care in the "La Tempesta" therapeutic community is understood as the reconstruction and re-appropriation of the own difficult history and a possible future that takes it into account. Healing from drug addiction, with a  community path psychotherapeutic beside educational experience, means being and becoming yourself.

One necessary premise is to know yourself: starting from how you are today, investigating how you were yesterday and hypothesizing how you could be tomorrow. With intention and necessary effort to plan their own destiny as adults”.

Citaz. Prof. Luigi Cancrini


Patients who ask to be insert in a therapeutic Community have often lost all hope, they feel overwhelmed by problems that they consider enormous and whose nature and solution they do not know. They need to know that those who care for them know the difficulties they are struggling with, believe in them as human beings, have hope for change and know how to help them escape from the addictive mechanism, which essentially consists of a vicious circle that tends towards the compulsion to repeat the use of substances, to the point of trapping the individual, making him dependent and hopeless.

The request for care is complete because they are people who can only be helped with residential programs considering that they are unable to escape the substances that prevent them from undergoing psychological and rehabilitative therapy. They need the institution that protects them and takes full charge of them and their problems. Taking charge is an assumption of responsibility by mainly: the institution, the team and the therapists. The objectives in this phase include:

• establish a relationship with the patient as part of the context that accompany the therapeutic process;
• supporting the patient in the vicissitudes of the therapeutic path in order to "redeem" him from the "pathological circle" in which he feels trapped;
• promote healthy ego resources, abandoning the autoidentifications with the pathological parental figures or one's own socio family context.



Non profit association, founded in 1985. It is made up from professional psychologists, social workers, educators and operators. It is owner of Regional Institutional Accreditation (Regional D.P. n.283/17 and Regional D.P. n. 106/2018).

Statutory purposes: treatment, care and rehabilitation of people addicted to narcotic and psychotropic substances (alcohol, drugs) who require therapeutic intervention and psycho social support in residential facilities. The Community take care both adult males and females, even with criminal obligations (specifically in therapeutic foster care).

Methodology: interventions for individual, group needs also socio-educational and psychotherapeutic; psychiatric interventions on a fortnightly basis.

Treatment Times :from 6 months to a maximum of 24 months (split into Trial Therapeutic Contract and Definitive Therapeutic Contract), except for individualized projects previously agreed with the therapeutic team and the referring SerD.

Structure: the community structure is  located in a farmhouse, surrounded by cultivated land and sports fields. Twin bedded rooms; shared bathrooms, community spaces suitable for a maximum number of 15 patients.

For any management contact  call  (+39) 0481 534830 to Community Secretary Office (+39) 0481 533033 from 9.00 to 13.00 from Monday to Friday; the official community email is

- Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Presidente CT “La Tempesta” dott. Alessandro Sartori
Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Clinical manager  dott.ssa Ilaria Papandrea

- Administrative manager: rag. Alessandra Sossou


We develop ways to help the personal orientation to combat drug addiction. We intervene in the dialectic between social inclusion and territorial control by interacting with public and private associations. Our activities follow two directory: health and social coordinated activities.


What you need to know about Admission

Upon entering the therapeutic community, the applicant signs the Initial Contract which ranges from three to six months. When this first relationship is ended, if the patient is interested in the treatment, the therapeutic team evaluates the transition to a stable time characterized by the Final Contract, with a maximum time of 24 months

The Community relactionship mode follows five basic principles:

  1.  Good behaviors expected for cohabitation

  2. Check of uses community environments

  3.  Clinical analysis and periodic checks

  4. Expenses and economic availability

  5. Storage of telephones, medicines and money

The therapeutic program follows three orders of activities:

  1. Therapeutic activities

  2. Pedagogical and educational activities

  3. Healthcare integrations    

Entry into the community requires the preparation of health checks to be showed the first day of entry

The definitive contract is a maximum of 24 (twenty-four) months long, without prejudice to the possibility of withdrawal by both parties as provided for by the internal regulations.



37140 - GORIZIA - Via III Armata 79

+39 0481 533033 - 534830

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